Due to the rise of new knowledge and discoveries in nutrition and health since 2010, a re-design of the USDA ‘MyPlate’ nutritional guide is crucial. This project/case study offers a revised, in-depth version of ‘MyPlate’ that reflects more recent knowledge in nutrition that is inclusive of different dietary “types” and lifestyles. It is necessary that the public (especially children) has access to a basic nutritional guide with a more visually engaging, effective, and comprehensive breakdown of their daily nutritional needs. The lack of up-to-date and accurate knowledge in nutrition plays a role in many health-related issues.
This project also introduces a new feature that is long overdue to be in the ‘MyPlate’ platform: An ‘official,’ standardized labeling system to help consumers get their particular nutritional/dietary needs met. It is often difficult for those with specific nutritional/dietary needs to find options at eating establishments and grocery stores in an efficient manner. Existing systems, such as generic labeling crafted by product companies, are often misleading about their nutritional or dietary claims.

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